who we are

About The Catholic Homeschool Conference

Join Catholic families to live the Catholic Homeschool Life. With our events, community, and directory of exceptional Catholic vendors, we’re building the future of a joy-filled Catholic homeschooling life!

We host the conference on a highly interactive online events platform which brings our parents into closer contact with one another. In this format, we place extra emphasis on community interaction so that parents can get the support and the resources they need to feel empowered as homeschoolers.


Engaging, Meaningful Talks

With a mixture of live and prerecorded talks, we purposefully design the talks to address parents at the various stages of their homeschooling journey. Each talk addresses the many different needs parents have shared with us and are shared by us.


Parent Networking

Discover new friendships with other Catholic homeschool parents around the nation and the world.



Besides building meaningful relationships and providing helpful  talks, the conference platform is fun and engaging. Additionally, we will have a prize raffle throughout the conference.


Catholic Exhibitors

With over thirty Catholic exhibitors and their numerous conference discounts for attendees only, parents are sure to find what they need to maximize their homeschooling efforts while supporting wonderful Catholic organizations. 

your hosts

Meet Maureen and Walter

We love homeschooling. We love helping homeschoolers. We are homeschoolers too. Through this conference we hope to help Catholic homeschoolers on their journey.

Maureen has successfully graduated all seven of her kids. Walter and his wife have graduated two of their six kids. It’s conferences like these that helped us homeschool which is why we want to host this one. 

Join us at the conference so you can be prepared, fulfilled, and part of a community of faithful Catholic homeschoolers around the world.