You’re invited

Share a short talk with the Catholic Homeschool LIVE events!

You’re invited to give a talk at this upcoming, LIVE online conference!


Share a short, TED-style talk (15-20 minutes). Encourage and guide Catholic families in fulfilling their heart’s desire, to be the primary educator in the faith. Each LIVE Event  will be hosted by Catholic Homeschool Conference and have a main theme! 


Promote your products or ministry. You get a speaker page that hosts the recorded version of your talk. Include specials, discounts and coupons to drive sales of your products to the LIVE Event attendees.

The world has been thrust into homeschooling like never before. We have a golden opportunity to reach thousands of Catholic families!

  • Ignite Catholic Families to embrace and find JOY in their role as primary educators of their children in the faith.
  • Collaborate with  Catholic Influencers
  • Cultivate a spirit of scholarship and generosity
  • Stimulate Catholic business through lead generation and exposure
  • Now more than ever, Catholic parents are seeking to educate their children in a healthy, safe, and effective manner.

The talks and products you bring to these homeschooling Catholic families will bless their efforts and help them to raise up their children in our beautiful faith!

With our marketing materials and promotional opportunities, we help you reach new leads that need and desire your products.

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