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It was an amazing 3 day, FREE International event that was attended by thousands of Catholic parents and high school students.

We recorded all the Live sessions and Keynotes.

All 55+ talks are hosted in the community and ready to view with your teen and family!

Topics for the Catholic Teen

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  • Preparing for college
  • Military and Trade Programs
  • Vocation discernment
  • Career exploration
  • Gap year options

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  • 65+ Catholic Businesses
  • Freebies and discounts in the virtual “Goodie Bag”
  • Open 24/7
  • Connect with the exhibitors directly
  • Watch videos on products/ministries
  • Higher Education Listings
  • Featured Exhibitors

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Meet the Speakers

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Meet the Sponsors

Christendom College
St. Vincent College
University of Dallas

Welcome Letter from Paola

What happens after high school?

Each precious child that is on loan to us from the Lord has a unique set of gifts to serve Him in this world.

  • How can these best nurtured?
  • How can my homeschooling help my child discern what path to take?
  • What paths are there for my child to pursue?
  • Where are the faithful Catholic Colleges?
  • How can I homeschool them and prepare them for LIFE?

This event is tailored to answer these questions and more!

We promise to deliver the very best Catholic speakers that will cover topics such as:

  • How and why to prepare your child for college.
  • Techniques to help discernment for religious life or career in your homeschool.
  • Discussions on how to explore various careers, skilled trades or military programs.
  • How you can create your own transcript.
  • Raising teens who can change the world!

When you chose the path of home educating, much of the work is fallen into your hands, there is no career center or guidance counselor to turn to.

Searching the web for answers is at best a daunting process for anyone but let’s add in the stress of being first time home educators, a pandemic in the world, and general uncertainty.

We are here for you for the entire breath of your homeschool journey…alll the way to Life After High School.

Looking forward to seeing you there, 

Paola Ciskanik
Event Host

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it FREE?

It was FREE for the 3 days of the event, October 15-17.

To have access to all the 35+ pre-recorded talks and recordings of the 20 LIVE talks, then you can purchase the VIP Pass or Life After High School Pass.

Can I watch the videos?

Yes! All the 35+ pre-recorded talks and 20 Live presentations are NOW available as video with the VIP Pass here.

What is the VIP Pass and what does it include?

The VIP Pass is an amazing value, one you will continue to use throughout your homeschooling, as well as ongoing resources.

Now includes the Life After High School 55+ talks too!

Learn more about the VIP Pass here.

Can I give the VIP Pass as a gift to someone?

Yes, we would love for you to share the good news!  When you purchase the VIP Pass as a gift, you’ll receive instructions on how to share it with the gift recipient.

Will the talks be available in Spanish or any other languages?

At this present time we only have the talks in English. Should we have them translated we will be certain to let you know!

Want to purchase multiple VIP Passes or Life After High School Pass?

Sure! Please contact us at [email protected]

Where are the Life After High School Event Recordings?

In our BRAND new community which is FREE to join!

This is off Facebook and free of distractions, ads and is our very own place to engage directly with our Catholic Homeschool Community.

Want the VIP Pass?

You can have access to the 55+ talks from this career and college fair AND the 65+ talks from the BIG Summer conference too!