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Monica Ashour, MTS; M Hum of TOBET

Talk: Going off to College: Keeping the Faith
St. John Paul's Theology of the Body is crucial in this culture which gives messages opposed to the truth of the body and the truth of sexuality. Miss Ashour, international speaker, author of 28 books, Homeschool Connections professor, gives a poignant overview of TOB and addresses issues that graduating seniors and those in college may face. With compelling responses based on Natural Law, this short video equips your young adult to be ready to face going off to college.

Holding both a Master’s Degree in Humanities and a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies from the University of Dallas, Theology of the Body expert Monica Ashour was the principal author of 18 books for TOBET’s The Body Matters TOB Program (TBM) for Pre-school to 8th Grade, distributed throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia. TBM is currently being translated into Spanish. Not mentioning sexuality until the 7th grade, TBM forms a firm foundation for children based on Catholic anthropology, with original, age-appropriate text, along with beautiful, original illustrations and diagrams. TOBET’s books were lauded by George Weigel in First Things Magazine Online on April 17, 2019, as evidence of “The Easter Effect.” On June 13, 2019, Miss Ashour received a surprise of her life when she opened a letter from Pope Emeritus Benedict through Archbishop Georg Gänswein thanking her and all of TOBET for “your evangelizing work in promoting the Theology of the Body, offering thus a convincing answer to the challenge of the Gender Ideology.”

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Peter and Gina Beckmeyer

Trades Are An Option: Have you thought about trade schools as an option after high school? This is a demanding industry but very rewarding for young men and women.

Pete and Gina Beckmeyer live in Historic New Castle in the little state of Delaware. They have 9 children and 4 intercessory children in heaven. Pete is from Ohio and Gina is from Arizona. They love creating memories with their children thru board games, long road trips, family events and holidays.

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John Bernard Ordonez Caasi

How to Find Your Life's Purpose in Three Hours:A lot of parents are scared of how their children will live out their faith in college. Let's discuss how college can be a seedbed of vocation.

Bernz O. Caasi is the Founder and Creator of Unboxing Catholicism. As a former anti-Catholic Protestant, he now helps people understand the Catholic faith deeply so they can explain it clearly without being preachy. Website | Community

"This conference is the best venue to equip families with the useful mindset, skillset, and toolset they need to help their kids thrive in the faith from college and beyond."

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Laura M Berquist

How and Why to prepare for College After Homeschooling: First, you don't need to be anxious. Homeschoolers get into colleges and do well there. Second, there are short term and long term tips for preparing for the transition. Third ,and most importantly, let's reflect on what you want from the college experience.

Laura M. Berquist is the founder of Mother of Divine Grace School, a distance learning school currently serving 6300 students and providing ongoing training to parent educators. Inaugurated in 1995 with 75 students, MODG now offers various levels of classes for students and parents, as well as summer classes for both. Mrs. Berquist is the author of Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum and editor of The Harp and Laurel Wreath: Poetry and Dictation for the Classical Curriculum. She homeschooled her six children for 25 years. Website | Facebook

"The end is the cause of causes. We need to know the goal in order to properly achieve it. This conference will help us determine our homeschooling goals."

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Peter Blute

Homeschooling: A Unique Chance to Cultivate 3 Essential Qualities
Learn how your experience homeschooling can help you identify and develop the qualities of being a self-starter, being disciplined, and cultivating creative thinking.

Peter currently serves as Vice President for Young Catholic Professionals (YCP), a national apostolate working to build up an army of young professionals (20's and 30's) who embrace their Catholic faith and live it in their workplaces. He spent most of his education in public and private school, but brings his experience of being homeschooled for 1 year in middle school. Peter lives with his wife Laura and their daughter, Cecilia, in Dallas, TX. Website | Facebook

"Learn from a diverse set of experts about how to prepare for life after high school!"

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Ana Braga-Henebry

Cultivating Religious Vocations in the Catholic Homeschool: Catholic homeschool life is well-suited to cultivate the religious vocation of a child. I talk about how we fostered our daughter's journey to the cloistered religious life during our homeschool years.

Ana has a masters degree and homeschooled seven children for 25 years. One the daughters is now a religious sister. Facebook | Blog

"Catholic homeschool families are well suited for cultivating the religious vocation of a child who answers that call post high-school."

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Erin M. Brown, MA, MFA

Simplified Writing: What Your Student Absolutely Needs to Know, to Succeed in College: When it comes to your teen's writing skills, what’s missing? And what are the top three errors students make in college writing? Join author, university writing professor, and curriculum developer Erin Brown (who also homeschooled 10 of her kids) for answers you can get right now. If you want your student to be completely prepared for college writing, this is for you.

Erin M. Brown, MA, MFA (aka author Erin Brown Conroy/EB Conroy) is the creator and director of www.AquinasWritingAdvantage.com -- the complete online writing program for teens (a Homeschool Connections program). She is the author of nine books, including the popular Simplified Writing 101: Top Secrets for College Writing Success, and has been a professional writer for over 25 years. A writing professor at two universities who has designed multiple writing programs for university and high school students, Ms. Brown also led writing curriculum development for a major US university. Ms. Brown has a terminal degree in writing (MFA), a master’s in rehabilitation working with special populations (MA), and a degree in education (BM). The author of both non-fiction and fiction, she is a member of a number of professional writing groups, including the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and the Author’s Guild. She’s also an active member of the International Literacy Association (ILA) and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). Professor Brown homeschooled 10 of her children (who are now grown) and enjoys living in Michigan. Aquinas Writing Advantage | True North Reading

"A one-stop resource to get your student prepared for college (and beyond!)"

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Matt Connors

Cutting Edge Media Meets Entrepreneurship: The Story of Yellow Line Digital: Matt shares the story of how YLD was founded by JPCatholic alumni and professors, how his career has evolved with the company, how to speak the truth effectively and digitally in a secular world, and his insights for home schooled students interested in pursuing media and entrepreneurship.

Matt Connors graduated from John Paul the Great Catholic University in 2010 and since then has worked at Yellow Line Digital, a digital marketing company with clients such as the St. John Paul II-founded Centesimus Annus, the USCCB, the dioceses and archdioceses of D.C., LA, St. Louis, and Kansas City, the Apostolate for Family Consecration, the Magis Center, Leo Schachter Diamonds, Medi-Share, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Patients' Rights Action Fund, and the Catholic Mobilizing Network.
Website | Facebook | Youtube | School

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Sister Mary Avila Corpany

St. Therese and the "Little Way of Discernment"
Using the example of the life of St. Therese, Sr. Mary Avila speaks about the importance of entering "life after high school" in a spirit of docility to the Holy Spirit. Speaking about her own experience in selecting a college then discerning a religious vocation, Sr. Mary Avila encourages the students to prayerfully ask, "what is my deepest desire" and trust that God will fulfill all the yearnings of our hearts.

Sr. Mary Avila is a Temporary Professed Sister with the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. She grew up outside of Ft. Worth, Texas. After high school graduation, she moved to D.C. to study at the Catholic University of America where she met the Sister of Mary. She entered the convent after her sophomore year of college. She is currently working in the Vocations Office.
Website | Facebook | href="https://www.instagram.com/goledigital//"_blank">Instagram

"Families should attend this conference because each stage in our life is the place in which God plans to pour out His grace. As students prepare for life after high school, families should prayerfully discern together the best path for their children."

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Margot Davidson

Fallow Fields - Taking a Gap Year: Is your student considering a gap year? How can you help him/her chart the best path for a fruitful fallow time? We'll discuss the benefits and potential pitfalls and suggest some options.

Margot Davidson is the mother of five children, three of whom took a gap year. She is the directress of a Catholic Montessori school and the owner of Hillside Education and Catholic Daily Planner .

"Gain confidence that you have prepared your child for whatever comes next!"

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Sr. John Dominic

Listening to the Word: Do you ever have the nagging feeling that you should be reading more Scripture? But when you start to read it, you gradually stop or get stuck not understanding a passage. This talk will provide you with a roadmap to integrate the word of God into this gap year and guide you to knowing and doing God's will.

Sr. John Dominic is one of the co-founders of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. She has over 30 years of experience in Catechesis and Catholic education. Drawing from years of working with families, children and youth, she has developed Disciple of Christ, Education in Virtue an intuitive program designed to make the language of virtue accessible to everyone. She is currently the Director of Lumen Ecclesiae Press and Digital which produces beautiful content to inspire, educate and lead people to a relationship with God. Website | Media | Youtube | Facebook | Media

"The family is the domestic Church and the place where the interior life of every child is nurtured. Learning and listening to other people share the fruit of their contemplation and experience can only strengthen the bond of the family. Help your son or daughter confidently step out into the world."

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Bill Donaghy

Gifted and Called to Become a Gift: Living the Theology of the Body Today: We all have our questions, our hunger to find meaning and a purpose, and we all long to find a place where we can be happy, thrive, and grow into the person God dreamed us to become. In these deeply confusing times for our young people, before we discern what work we are to do, we need a return to the fundamental truth of who we are and what we are called to become as human beings. Informed by the vision of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, this talk will show the way towards the integrated life of joy and purpose for young hearts searching for their identity and vocation today.

Bill is a senior lecturer and faculty member for the Theology of the Body Institute as well as an international speaker. He's worked in mission, evangelization, and education for nearly 25 years, with a background in visual arts, philosophy, and systematic theology. He has given talks and retreats to bishops, priests, deacons, consecrated men and women, and the lay faithful, and teaches as an adjunct professor for Immaculata University.

Bill is also the co-author with Chris Stefanick of the RISE: 30 Day Challenge for Men program and editor of the Strive21.com initiative with Matt Fradd. He and his wife, Rebecca, live just outside of Philadelphia, PA with their four children. Website ⎜ Facebook

"As our society continues to sever the life-giving connections of faith and reason, theology and biology, heaven and earth, man and woman, our young people need to see and experience the integrated and beautiful vision of the human person and human culture that the Church envisions. Today more than ever families must hold fast to the words of the late St. John Paul II: 'The family is placed at the center of the great struggle between good and evil, between life and death, between love and all that is opposed to love. The family is entrusted the task of striving, first and foremost, to unleash the forces of good...'"

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Megan Fassero

Ten Tips for Homeschoolers from the College Admission Office: Learn tips for successfully navigating the college admission process from Megan Fassero, former homeschooling mom, now Benedictine College Admission Office professional! Learn why letting your student take the lead will help prepare them for college, how to approach the process with joy and a supernatural outlook, and more helpful tips.

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Michael Kurek, D.M.A.

How to Support Your Child's Musical Dreams: Ten years after graduating, only 5% of students who majored in music are still in the music profession. This talk will help you sort out the many considerations in choosing a career path in either classical music, the commercial music industry, or music education.

Professor emeritus of music at Vanderbilt University, Billboard No. 1 composer, and Catholic author on music, Michael Kurek, brings to this presentation over thirty years of experience teaching and mentoring college music majors, as well as his own professional experience with his live music and recordings regularly heard on six continents. Website

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Bonnie Landry

"Developing a Transcript: Tips from the trenches of graduating her six kids (one more to go...) what to do, what NOT to do! How a little pre-planning and good resources will help put together an excellent transcript for your high schooler.

Bonnie is a wife and mother to seven remarkable children, ages 14-33. She is Mamie to six gorgeous grand babies. With just one left at home, they enter year 30 of homeschooling! Not even kidding. Bonnie promotes joy in our relationships through speaking, blogging, podcasting and sharing herself. Relationships matter because life is kind of a bust if you can't get along with people.
Website | Pinterest | Instagram | Youtube

"There is so much wisdom from so many generous people!"

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Susie Lloyd

The Homeschooler's Get-Ready for College Checklist: As if teaching your kids isn't enough of a challenge, now you are going to be their guidance counselor. Don't fret! Here's the process in step by step order.

Susie Lloyd has helped five of her children - plus a few others - get into all of the colleges (8 of them) to which they applied and earn scholarship money. Yet, she still needs a checklist to keep it all straight. Website

"Learn from those who boldly went where few moms had gone before!"

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Gary Michuta

How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids: College is a hunting ground for non-Catholic evangelists and recruiters. In this talk, I will share some tips on how to fortify your child with the skill set need to make sheep-stealing more difficult and also tell-tale signs that your child is being recruited out of the Church.

Gary Michuta is a Catholic apologist, author, speaker, and debater. He is the host of "Hands On Apologetics" on Virgin Most Powerful Radio and was an award-winning columnist for the Michigan Catholic Newspaper. Website | My Work | Twitter

"Attending this event will allow families to receive invaluable information about how to grow as a Catholic and a Catholic student."

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Andy Mullins

Raising Teens Who can Change the World: How vital it is that we raise young people to set their own goals to do good in this world. We look at some practical approaches that make all the difference.

Dr Andy Mullins is the author of Parenting for Character, which is in various editions in a number of languages. He is a former school principal, now working with university students in Melbourne Australia, and teaching formation of character at the University of Notre Dame Australia.
Website | Facebook | Twitter

"This event provides reassurance that there are like minded people with a wealth of their own experiences and approaches."

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Katherine O'Brien, MA CCPS

Mission Critical – Finding the Right College: Finding the right academic, social, and Catholic environment are essential. So is finding the right net cost. We'll explore Newman recommended as well as other strong college options for Catholic students.

Veteran Catholic homeschooling mom, Katherine O'Brien, MA CCPS has been a college consultant since 2004. Helping students and families across the country create college success with well prepared students, savvy college choices, and abundant funding. With a BS in Industrial Engineering (Northwestern) and an MA in Theology (Franciscan), she's familiar with the strengths of Newman Guide schools and non-NG schools. Website | Blog | Facebook

"Sending our kids off to a college where their faith will grow, they will find wonderful academic opportunities, and won't break the family's bank is key. Learn how!"

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Kevin O'Brien

Lights, Camera - Acting! Is it possible for devout Christians to have a career in the performing arts without sacrificing their faith or personal integrity? Is is possible for anybody to have a career in the performing arts and manage to eat and pay rent?

Kevin O’Brien is the founder and artistic director of Upstage Productions and the Theater of the Word Incorporated, a Catholic theater company which tours the country evangelizing through drama. He is the author of "An Actor Bows", a book on the connection between Acting and the Catholic Faith. He appears regularly on EWTN, has narrated over 80 audiobooks, and teaches dozens of courses online at Homeschool Connections. Work | Classes | Facebook

"This is by far the best online conference for homeschooling families who are serious about education and faith. The speakers and the attendees are awesome! You'll learn a lot and make new friends who are struggling in these difficult times, as we all are."

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Dr. Timothy O’Donnell

Do You Know the Essential Elements of a Catholic Higher Education?

Dr. Timothy O’Donnell received his early education at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles, California, where he graduated with B.A. degrees in Philosophy and History and an M.A. in Church History. He received a doctorate in Ascetical and Mystical Theology from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome (Angelicum). Dr. O’Donnell has served as president of Christendom College for almost 30 years, where he also teaches courses in history and theology. He and his wife Cathy are the proud parents of 9 children.

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Tammy Parker

Quest for a Career: How do we move forward in confidence toward a career? The foundations of this journey come from seeking and reflection.

Tammy Parker is a devote Catholic convert from Michigan and has been married for 30+ years; they have six adult children. She has a bachelor’s degree in Financial Administration and has served as a financial advisor and mentor/teacher/tutor for over three decades. Tammy continues to be enthusiastically encouraging to all ages: pre-K to adult.
Website | Facebook | Linkedin | Pinterest

"This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about how God is calling you forward to the future He has in store for you!"

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Dr. Pamela Patnode

Dyslexia: High School and Beyond: Dyslexia? Dysgraphia? Dyscalculia? Steps to take during the high school years to prepare for college, military, trade school, or a religious vocation.

Dr. Patnode is a Catholic wife, mother of five young adult children, and a Benedictine Oblate. Pamela home educated her children for 12 years, has authored five books, has been a regular guest of the national Catholic radio station Relevant Radio for eight years, and has been a guest of EWTN television and radio. Website | Books

"The future is bright for our children with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia! Let's help them reach the plans God has for them!"

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Joseph Pearce

Race with the Devil: My Journey from Racial Hatred to Rational Love: Joseph Pearce relates his own personal conversion story. Hear him tell the story of his journey from the hatred of racism in a white supremacist organization, the hatred of anti-Catholicism with the Loyalist terrorist groups in Northern Ireland, and his two prison sentences for inciting racial hatred. Learn how he came to a belief in Christ and His Church.

Joseph Pearce is editor of the St. Austin Review and series editor of the Ignatius Critical Editions. He is also a senior instructor with Homeschool Connections and a senior contributor at the Imaginative Conservative. He has hosted two thirteen-part series for EWTN on Shakespeare's Catholicism and has also hosted several hour-long documentaries on the Catholicism of Tolkien's work. In addition, he writes regularly for Crisis Magazine, Catholic World Report and the National Catholic Register. Professor Pearce has also authored many books, including The Quest for Shakespeare, Tolkien: Man and Myth, The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde, C. S. Lewis and The Catholic Church, Literary Converts, Wisdom and Innocence: A Life of G.K. Chesterton, Solzhenitsyn: A Soul in Exile and Old Thunder: A Life of Hilaire Belloc. He is honoured to have had his books published and translated into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Croatian and Polish. Website | Facebook

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Ryan Pohl

The Trades as a Path to Holiness: Oftentimes, the skilled trades are seen only as a way to "make a living." But like all work, the skilled trades are a path to love God more deeply, and to live a life of charity, holiness, and service in a way that is uniquely close to the heart of Jesus.

The Co-Founder and Board President of Harmel Academy of the Trades, Ryan Pohl has trained thousands of people in Advanced Manufacturing, designing award winning classes, programs and methodologies that have made him a leader in solving the skilled labor crisis in America. A journeyman CNC Machinist & Programmer, Ryan has teaching experience at both the high school and college level, while holding advanced degrees in Industrial Training & Development.
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Sr. Helena Raphael Burns, FSP

Use Theology of the Body To Discern Your Vocation!: Is the fact that every vocation is modeled on marriage a new concept for you? How will it change your thinking, discerning, living?

Sr. Helena Burns, fsp, is a member of the Daughters of St. Paul, an international congregation of Roman Catholic Sisters founded to communicate God's Word through the media. She has an M.A. in Media Literacy Education; a B.A. in theology and philosophy from St. John's University, NYC; studied screenwriting at UCLA and Act One-Hollywood; and holds a Certificate in Pastoral Youth Ministry. Sr. Helena is also studying at the Theology of the Body Institute, PA. She is a movie reviewer for The Catholic Channel--Sirius XM. She wrote and directed a documentary on the life of Blessed James Alberione: pauline.org/MediaApostleFilm and is a co-producer on The40Film.com. She has written a Theology of the Body curriculum: tinyurl.com/TOBtraining and her daily book for young women is “Draw Near to Jesus” (formerly “He Speaks To You”).
Sr. Helena gives Media Literacy & Theology of the Body workshops & courses to youth & adults all over Canada and the U.S., and believes that media can be a primary tool for sharing God's love and salvation. She is a dual citizen, Canada/USA: an international woman of mystery.
Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

"Homeschooling is the way of the future!"

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Dr. Ben. Reinhard

Will Your Professors Agree on What Matters? Why You Need a Core Curriculum

Dr. Ben Reinhard received his Ph.D. from the Medieval Institute at the University of Notre Dame, writing his dissertation on Old English religious literature. At Christendom, he teaches courses in classical and medieval literature and serves as Academic Dean. He and his wife Hannah have four children

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Emmanuel Rentoy

Growing in Grit, Resilience and Empathy: This presentation will give concrete tips on how students can grow in 3 very important virtues that are necessary to cope and succeed with college life.

Emmanuel Rentoy is a lecturer from the University of Asia and the Pacific. He's also the only accredited Speaker of the Center for the 4th & 5th Rs Asia, and CEO of CATALYST PDS.
Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

"Are your children ready to survive the challenges of college life? Here are practical and useful tips."

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Carol Reynolds

Stop! Don’t March Mindlessly Into that College Freshman Year: There's not a law that says "Bright high-schoolers must march directly to college!"--particularly without giving the whole idea of college serious thought and questioning its benefits. Let's talk through what it really means to go to college and how else one might approach these critical years after high-school.

A music historian and retired professor, Dr. Reynolds creates courses that teach history through the lens of the Fine Arts. She also works for the Smithsonian as a professor on tours across Europe and Russia. Website | Facebook

"The possibilities of technology are affording alll of us unprecedented chances to hear, see, and learn. This conference is one of them, featuring speakers, topics, as well as stimulating camaraderie among the participants through chat and question & answer periods. Do join us!"

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Colonel James Allen Ridley, Sr.

The Benefits the Civil Air Patrol Provides our Youth Panel Discussion: The Civil Air Patrol offers youths ages 11-21, the chance to learn leadership, character development and aerospace education while serving their community, state and nation.

Colonel James A. Ridley, Sr. is the Commander of the Connecticut Wing, Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary), serving prior as the Wing Chief of Staff. He has served at the squadron, group, wing and region levels in such capacities as cadet programs officer, public affairs officer, deputy commander, commander, region plans and programs officer. Col Ridley has directed two Region Staff Colleges and a Region Cadet Leadership School for the Northeast Region. He has lectured at five Northeast Region Chaplain Colleges and written several articles for the Chaplain’s newsletter The Transmitter on topics such as Servant Leadership, The Value of Chaplains and CDIs at Cadet Encampments, Commanders Preach the Core Values – Good Commanders Live by Them, Mentorship and most recently The Relationship Between Commanders and Chaplains.

Colonel Ridley holds numerous CAP decorations including several Exceptional Service and Meritorious Service Awards among others. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Technological Systems Management from Stony Brook University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from the State University of New York College at Old Westbury. He is a graduate of St. Dominic High School in Oyster Bay, NY. Colonel Ridley’s son Major James A. Ridley, II, CAP, is a former Civil Air Patrol Spaatz cadet assigned to the Long Island Group in New York. In his civilian occupation, Colonel Ridley is an Advisory Technical Account Manager for BMC Software, Inc. and he is an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at the local Community College where he resides. Website

"CAP is a great 'after school' program which offers our children an environment where they learn teamwork, leadership, character development and other skills that will help them in many ways. Participation in CAP is a well respected addition to a student's college preparation resume, provides them experiences which helps them determine career paths and provides a way for them to perform community service in many ways."

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Dr. Henry Russell

How Much Liberal Arts Do I Need from College? Let's say you wish to prepare for medical school, or a flute career, to teach Spanish, or get an HVAC certification? Do you need Liberal Arts at all? If so, how much and of what sort?

Dr. Henry Russell is Headmaster of the St. Augustine's Classical Catholic Homeschool Enrichment Program, founded in 2005 with his wife Crystal. He is an Instructor at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, and a regular instructor for the Miles Christi order. A graduate of Princeton and South Carolina (MA), Dr. Russell completed his graduate work at Louisiana State University. Formerly the Chairman of Ave Maria College's Department of Literature, he has also been a professor at Franciscan University of Steubenville and Wake Forest University. Dr. Russell's works include The Catholic Shakespeare Audio Series (available from Kolbe Academy). He was the Associate Editor of The Formalist from 1990-2004 and his writings have been published in various journals. He was honored to edit Dr. Alice von Hildebrand's groundbreaking volumes, The Privilege of Being a Woman and Man and Woman: A Divine Invention. Website

"The choice of a college or post-secondary education will be central to the rest of your life."

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George Simon

Catholicism and the Creative Arts: How is God calling me to use my artistic talents?
Are my creative gifts just a hobby, or something I want to pursue professionally? How realistic is a career in creative fields? What does it look like to be a Catholic creative professional? George Simon speaks to these questions using Pope John Paul II’s “Letter to Artists”, as well as his own story as a Catholic filmmaker and professor at John Paul the Great Catholic University (JPCatholic).

George studied for two years at Central Michigan University in the broadcasting and cinematic arts program before transferring to JPCatholic to complete his undergraduate BS and MBA in Film Producing degrees.
While pursuing his BS degree, he created the award winning short film 'Get Clean' promoting the sacrament of reconciliation. With his brother Joe, he launched 'Simon Brothers Productions' - an independent production company specializing in narrative film and live-event coverage. He went on to produce content for New Evangelization Television and has worked on film sets, international documentary crews, and many commercial projects.
George currently lives with his wife and children in Southern California, where he teaches film production at JPCatholic.

Website | Facebook | Youtube | School

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Fr. Spitzer

Preparing for Leadership: How to Defend God, Jesus, and the Church
Father Spitzer will present a suite of evidence from science, philosophy, history, and more that will equip teachers, parents, and students. This essential knowledge will further develop confidence in your faith and thus empower you to become defenders (apologists) of what the Catholic Church professes on God as creator of the universe, Jesus as a verifiably historical person who actually rose from the dead, and the Catholic Church as the authentic witness for God on earth.

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 16, 1952, Fr. Spitzer is a Catholic Priest in the Jesuit order, and is currently the President of the Magis Center of Reason and Faith and the Spitzer Center. The Magis Center produces documentaries, books, supplemental curriculum for middle school and high school, college courses, adult-education programs, and social media materials to show the close connection between faith and reason in contemporary physics, philosophy, and historical study of the New Testament. The Spitzer Center produces facilitated curricula to strengthen strategic planning, culture, and spiritual practice in Catholic organizations as well as culture and ethics in nonprofit and for-profit organizations. He is also the President, Master of Ceremonies, and speaker at the Napa Institute in Napa, California and Washington, D.C.
Magis CenterCredible CatholicSpitzer Center

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Joe Sleman

Adjusting to College Life as a Homeschooler: Overcoming Hurdles to Success: What are some mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and academic hurdles homeschool students might face in adapting to college life? What can homeschool students and their parents do to prepare for these challenges and plan for a successful and fruitful college experience?
Joseph Sleman, Mental Health & Academic Success Counselor at John Paul the Great Catholic University, shares his insights.

Joseph attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. During his graduate studies Joseph worked as an academic success coach at UNLV helping students overcome various academic challenges. Additionally, he has taught a freshmen seminar course to students on being academically successful as they transition from high school to college. Joseph currently serves as Mental Health & Academic Success Counselor at John Paul the Great Catholic University in Southern California.
Website | Facebook | Youtube | School

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Haley Stewart

Six Steps to Becoming an Excellent Writer: Whether you simply want to hone your writing skills for college or you're interested in writing as a career path, there are important steps you should be taking to make your writing the best it can be. Author Haley Stewart will walk you through six steps to improving your writing skills that are essential to all aspiring writers.

Haley Stewart is the author of the award-winning book The Grace of Enough. She is a homeschooling mom of four as well as a podcaster, speaker, and fellow of the Word on Fire Institute.
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

"Families should attend this event for the great resources and wisdom from veteran educators!"

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Jonathan & Amanda Teixeira

Why Budgeting Will Make You a Saint - And How to Get Started
The wise and faithful steward knows how to handle all that he is entrusted with (see Matthew 24:45-51). In this talk, you'll learn the practical life skill (budgeting) that not only prepares you for college life (and beyond), but also trains you to be a wise and faithful steward in all things.

In January 2012, Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira, had $25,000 in debt and a deep desire to break free. A short—and zealous—7½ months later they wrote their last check to Sallie Mae and closed the doors on debt forever. Since kicking debt to the curb, they continued to focus on handling money God’s way through saving, investing, and giving generously. After hearing their story, a few folks asked them money questions...and they answered them. That snowballed into hundreds of people asking questions, speaking at events, guest podcasting, and providing 1:1 financial coaching. They launched WalletWin, in November 2017 to help as many people as possible get out of debt, build wealth, and transform the world through generosity through their online course, membership, and podcast. Before launching WalletWin, they served nine years as staff members with Fellowship of Cathllic University Students (FOCUS) where they served in both the campus and national leadership positions. When they aren’t running their business, the Teixeiras can be found having spontaneous dance parties or exploring the outdoors with their three daughters Josephine, Charlotte, and Eleanor and their beloved Labrador Retriever, Wrigley. Website | Facebook | Instagram

"Success in college and life depends on being able to evaluate competing concerns and establish priorities. Budgeting builds both these skills and will keep students from financial ruin."

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Krista Thomas

What Now, Graduates? How to Know Thyself to Be All You Can Be: Dear graduate, you have many gifts and charisms just waiting to be utilized by God's Kingdom. But how do we tap into who God made us to be and share that greatness with the world? This motivational talk provides an opportunity to discover, through self-awareness, that great potential leading to a career or vocation that is personal and satisfying.

As a convert, wife, writer, speaker, and veteran homeschool mom, Krista Thomas shares practical advice on how to embrace a successful, faith-centered homeschooling experience with rewards that last beyond the high school years.

"Families need community. Catholic Homeschool Conferences offers just that...and more. Advice, sharing, and community with faith as the central theme for Catholic families. It's one of the best venues for learning, playing, sharing, and caring!"

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Mary Tighe

Exploring the Air Force ROTC College Program: Learn about how you can be part of the Air Force or Space Force. Looking at the scholarships, in-college opportunities, and benefits that the Air Force ROTC Program has to offer.

2d Lt Mary Tighe grew up in NY and was homeschooled K-12. In May 2020, she graduated from Benedictine College with a B.S. in Computer Science and earned her Air Force Commission from the University of Kansas. Lt Tighe is currently an Admissions Advisor for Air Force ROTC. For her next assignment, she will be heading to pilot training, where she hopes to be a search and rescue pilot. Facebook | Instagram | Website

"This event provides students with an opportunity to explore the vast opportunities after high school."

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Cristina Trotochaud

Civil Air Patrol - Opportunities for Home-Schoolers: The advantages of joining the Civil Air Patrol (US Air Force Auxillary)

Captain Tina Trotochaud is a member of Connecticut Wing Civil Air Patrol, USAF Auxiliary. She is a Catholic Home-School mother of six children ranging in age from 7-21. She began home-schooling in 2007. Most of her children have been home- schooled until high school. Tina joined Civil Air Patrol in 2015 after becoming familiar with the organization through her eldest son. She has served as Director of Safety for Rhode Island Wing, as well as working as Safety officer and other support staff positions at local encampments. In addition , she has served in various positions at the National Cadet Special Activity Air Force Space Command Familiarization Course in both Florida and Colorado. In 2019 she was the Activity Director for the Colorado activity. She enjoys many aspects of CAP, especially Communications and Emergency Services. She worked Drug Safety Evaluation at Pfizer Pharmaeuticals for nearly 10 years before teaching her children at home. Her eldest son achieved his Spaatz Award in Civil Air Patrol her second son is in his 4th year as a cadet. She lives in Oakdale, Connecticut with her husband, children and three Labrador Retrievers. Website

"Learn why the Civil Air Patrol is a good fit for home-school families. The many benefits of joining. Prelude to live talk and Q & A session on Saturday morning from other perspectives."

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Debbie Treacy

Interested in a military career? "Chart Your Course" with the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps
What is the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps and what are the benefits of being a cadet?

Debbie Treacy holds a B.S. from Cedar Crest College in Business Administration and a Paralegal Certification. She received her Classical Education training from Laura Berquist, and has been an Independent Educational Consultant since 2000. Through the years she has worked with a variety of students including those with special needs. In addition, she started working at Regina Coeli Academy, a private classical Catholic school, after spending 22 years homeschooling her seven children. She is the grammatical stage mentor to the teachers in 1st through 4th grades. She is intensely dedicated to educating all of God’s children. Outside of work, Debbie has been an officer in the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps for 15 years. USNSCC is a national youth leadership development organization modeled after the US Navy's professional development program. Four of her children entered military life, but all of her children have benefited from the Corps.

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Inshal Chenet

Give a Year to God: Have you ever considered doing a year of Missionary work right out of High School? Hear the experience of someone who did and what they got out of it.

Inshal Chenet and his wife are both proud homeschool graduates. Mr. Chenet has lived in 18 different places around the globe since he was born in Bedford, Texas. Mr. Chenet comes from a family of seven and his father served in the United States Air Force. After serving a year in NET ministries, Mr. Chenet went on to attend Wyoming Catholic College and received his BA in Liberal Arts. He is currently working on his Masters degree at Christendom college and teaches high school science in Southeast Michigan and is currently writing his first book, Astronomy, and Wonder. Mr. Chenet is a certified COR backpacking instructor and a Wilderness First Responder. On the side, he writes sacred icons. Mr. Chenet loves spending time with his wife and newborn twins most of all.

"Opening up your mind to the possibilities of what you can do after highschool is huge. Knowing what is available makes the biggest difference in being able to make a good decision."

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Brian Black

Jesus Was a Tradesman: Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of the Trades: We often think the next natural step after high school is a four-year degree. When the skilled trades are brought up, they're often viewed as an 'alternate' path. But the reality is, a life in the skilled trades requires a great deal of creativity, thoughtfulness, study, and initiative, and for most of history, were the primary path to a good life. What's more, working with one's mind and hands and heart with the material world has much to teach us about being human, especially once we realize that Jesus himself spent most of his life on earth as a tradesman.

Brian Black is the President and Co-Founder of Harmel Academy of the Trades, a residential Catholic trade school for men that opened this fall on the campus of Kuyper College, in Grand Rapids. Harmel Academy of the Trades has been featured on EWTN, CNA Newsroom, National Catholic Register, Respect Life Radio, Catholic New Agency and Inside the Vatican.
Brian received his BA in Political Economics and History from Hillsdale College. For twenty years, Brian worked with Grand River Builders in Grand Rapids, where he developed the company as General Manager into the leading historic building restoration company in Michigan.
Brian and his wife Diane were pioneers in the homeschooling movement and have seven adult children; three are in religious life and two are Catholic school teachers.
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

"Homeschooling is about discovering the best path for your child. Conferences like this help us get the full range of possibilities for our children, making it easier to discern what God has in store for them."

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Dr. Matthew Walz

The Readiness is All: Liberal Education and Divine Providence
Matthew Walz was born in New York, but grew up mostly in Ohio. He completed undergraduate studies at Christendom College in Virginia, double-majoring in philosophy and theology and graduating as the valedictorian of the class of 1995. He did graduate studies in the School of Philosophy at The Catholic University of America (Washington, DC). There he earned a doctorate in philosophy by completing a dissertation on Thomas Aquinas' understanding of free will.
Matthew has been teaching at the college level since 1998. As a graduate student, he taught for two years at The Catholic University of America. Then he began teaching at Thomas Aquinas College (Santa Paula, CA), where he remained for eight years. Since 2008 he has served as a professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Dallas (Irving, TX). In addition, since the summer of 2012, he has served has Director of Intellectual Formation at Holy Trinity Seminary (Irving, TX). His research and writing focus primarily on medieval philosophy, ancient philosophy, and philosophical anthropology. Besides Aquinas, his favorite philosophical authors include Aristotle, Augustine, Boethius, Anselm, and Bonaventure.
Matthew has been married since 1999 to his lovely wife Teresa, and thus far they have been blessed with eight children (two boys and six girls) who keep them busy, of course, but also joyful and grateful to God for His multitudinous gifts.

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David Michael Phelps

History, Philosophy, and Blowing Things Up: Why the Humanities and the Trades Belong Together: Going to trade school doesn't mean you have to abandon the formation of your mind. If anything, a life in the skilled trades offers a unique opportunity to understand what it means to be human, both body and soul. No matter your field of study, career path, or interest, learning to incorporate the best of what's been thought and written into your daily life helps you discover the wonder of life "fully alive," to the glory of God.

David has over fifteen years experience in education and administration, serving as a professor of English, literature, and communications. David served as President of the Board during the refounding of Sacred Heart Academy, and as Director of Development and Artist-in-Residence during the refounding of Compass Film Academy (now Compass College of Cinematic Arts). He earned his Master’s degree in English Language and Literature from Central Michigan University and studied English and Latin at Hope College.
David also has several years’ experience as a creative director, brand strategist, film producer, and writer, developing a number of marketing campaigns, brands, innovative films, and film curricula including For the 'Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles," "Our Great Exchange," and "Desire of the Everlasting Hills.' David serves on the board of directors of the Grand Rapids Griffins Youth Foundation, where he has coached youth hockey for ten years.
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

"Conferences like this allow a free exchange of experience, insight, and discernment—all three being essential to our flourishing."

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Meet the Sponsors

Christendom College
St. Vincent College
University of Dallas

Welcome Letter from Paola

What happens after high school?

Each precious child that is on loan to us from the Lord has a unique set of gifts to serve Him in this world.

  • How can these best nurtured?
  • How can my homeschooling help my child discern what path to take?
  • What paths are there for my child to pursue?
  • Where are the faithful Catholic Colleges?
  • How can I homeschool them and prepare them for LIFE?

This event is tailored to answer these questions and more!

We promise to deliver the very best Catholic speakers that will cover topics such as:

  • How and why to prepare your child for college.
  • Techniques to help discernment for religious life or career in your homeschool.
  • Discussions on how to explore various careers, skilled trades or military programs.
  • How you can create your own transcript.
  • Raising teens who can change the world!

When you chose the path of home educating, much of the work is fallen into your hands, there is no career center or guidance counselor to turn to.

Searching the web for answers is at best a daunting process for anyone but let’s add in the stress of being first time home educators, a pandemic in the world, and general uncertainty.

We are here for you for the entire breath of your homeschool journey…alll the way to Life After High School.

Looking forward to seeing you there, 

Paola Ciskanik
Event Host

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it FREE?

It was FREE for the 3 days of the event, October 15-17.

To have access to all the 35+ pre-recorded talks and recordings of the 20 LIVE talks, then you can purchase the VIP Pass or Life After High School Pass.

Can I watch the videos?

Yes! All the 35+ pre-recorded talks and 20 Live presentations are NOW available as video with the VIP Pass here.

What is the VIP Pass and what does it include?

The VIP Pass is an amazing value, one you will continue to use throughout your homeschooling, as well as ongoing resources.

Now includes the Life After High School 55+ talks too!

Learn more about the VIP Pass here.

Can I give the VIP Pass as a gift to someone?

Yes, we would love for you to share the good news!  When you purchase the VIP Pass as a gift, you’ll receive instructions on how to share it with the gift recipient.

Will the talks be available in Spanish or any other languages?

At this present time we only have the talks in English. Should we have them translated we will be certain to let you know!

Want to purchase multiple VIP Passes or Life After High School Pass?

Sure! Please contact us at [email protected]

Where are the Life After High School Event Recordings?

In our BRAND new community which is FREE to join!

This is off Facebook and free of distractions, ads and is our very own place to engage directly with our Catholic Homeschool Community.

Want the VIP Pass?

You can have access to the 55+ talks from this career and college fair AND the 65+ talks from the BIG Summer conference too!